Saturday, August 24, 2013

Care 2 Tri

This morning, while running on the treadmill at the gym, I was surprised to see REV3 on the tv. Great inspiration, considering what my goal is. Instead of taking breaks, I ran through all my road blocks and was able to finish my run very strong, but before finishing I was blessed with an even bigger inspirational story. Everyone, please go and check out Care 2 Tri.

Here's what they do taken directly from their website: "Our mission is simple: We help those that are often treated differently because of their physical disabilities. We promote these individuals in our community and also include them in opportunities that mainstream society does not. Our motto is, “We all have disabilities; however, some people’s are not physical”. It is not right to treat differently-abled people as outcasts because their disabilities are visible. We are part of a movement that is larger than any one person, but we feel it needs to start somewhere. We hope to leave an imprint on society that encourages all to treat differently-abled individuals as people, because that’s what they are."

The smile on everyone's faces, swimming, biking, running and most importantly crossing that finish line was so surreal. People, this is what the world needs more of, people willing to help others. This is why I love this sport. Sure, it's a very individual sport, but it doesn't have to be. We can still help our fellow man and provide the same experience we feel to those who may have a harder time achieving the feeling. The statement from Care 2 Tri is pretty simple, and I fully intend on donating and supporting their mission.

That's inspiration to be a better human being.

Care To Tri

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Ironman Means To Me

It wasn't long ago that I completed my first sprint triathlon. My time wasn't the best, but I finished. Completing the race was my main focus, my main goal. The feeling I had after crossing the finish line was one of the most incredible sense of accomplishments I've ever experienced. A couple days later, my life took a turn, it was thrown upside down. Those close to me know what I'm talking about. I went into a downward spiral, confused and emotionally drained. Though I still battle my very own thoughts of "what ifs" and so on, I have found solidarity. I'm still looking for some stability in life, but I'll get there.

The sport of triathlon is an awakening of sorts, a life changing experience. Keep in mind, I'm speaking from my own experiences. I feel apart of something much bigger than swimming, running and biking. This community of athletes come together and put their lives through hell, coming out different than they were before. Constantly battling with the thought of giving up when your body says no, but something in your head MUST say "don't give up, you can do this." It's a very mentally cleansing experience.

Team Green posted basically something saying "anyone wishing to do the San Diego IM 70.3..." they will sponsor and get into the race. The thought crossed my mind and it quickly left. There's no way I would even be ready, but then I saw it wasn't until March. The day leading up to this was rough. I kept going in and out of my own thoughts, fighting back tears, missing my kids. Then I realized what attracted me to the sport and thought, "I can do this, I WANT to do this." I emailed or replied to the post and they said "you're in."

What this means to me is a chance to cleanse myself of all negativity in my life and prove to myself that I can overcome anything. I want to climb to the top of the mountain and remain whole, yelling "I can do anything." I want that feeling of accomplishment back in my life. So San Diego IM 70.3 is my goal, my challenge. Everything else going on in my life, as hard as it is, will fuel me to accomplish something that a week ago I never truly thought I'd do so soon, but I am and I will. This is my turning point, my new focus to get my mind mentally prepared to take on any challenge life sends my way.

Thank you so much, Team Green, for giving me this opportunity. You have no idea what this means to me, thank you. I am honored to be representing you guys at this race. Thank you everyone who reads this post and has helped me get inspired to do this. I will have every single one of you on my shoulder, motivating me to push through the tough times and continue on. I won't ever give up. I aim to inspire others hoping they will feel what I've felt.

Here's a link to Team Green, the people helping make this dream a reality. Please visit the site and support such a wonderful company.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Educated Decisions

You MUST stay hydrated, any doctor, dietitian, anyone will tell you that. Here's the kicker, people think "Oh, I'm drinking a ton of water. Well, good, sort of. What they have the possibility of doing is flushing their bodies of electrolytes. This is where cramping and muscle fatigue comes in. In order to stay hydrated and maintain a good balance, you must consume foods rich in minerals that carry an electric charge.

I think it's crucial that people begin to pay attention to what they put in their bodies, it'll save your life. The facts are out there. I can almost guarantee that the people buying meat from a grocery store don't know what they're putting in their bodies other than it being chicken or beef(or any other meat for that matter). Is it organically raised, hormone free? Do you even care if it is or isn't? Where does the meat come from? Free range(do you even know what free range is?)? Same is true for those consuming fruits and vegetables. Where does it come from? Is it gmo or organically grown? Pesticide free?

It's so important, but most people don't want to put forth the extra effort and research their food so staying naive about it and blind to what's going on is how they deal with it. For years, you're told to live this way, eat this eat that. But what if it was all a lie? What if dairy is horrible(which it is) for you? Do you give it up or do you continue on consuming something that could quite possibly end up killing you?

By no means do I expect everyone to be vegan, I'm just thinking out loud. People will do what they feel is right for them or they'll do what they want to do, but I hope....and this is something I've been firm on....I hope people educate themselves and are able to make smart decisions/choices when it comes to what they put into their bodies. Right when I stopped eating processed foods and became vegan all over again, I lost 20 lbs pretty much right away. I had more sustained energy and was mentally stronger.

I'd love nothing more than to have everyone in the world to be vegan, putting an end to the senseless murdering of innocent animals, but I'm also not one to force my opinions and views onto anyone who doesn't want to listen. Please leave me comments or concerns and lets talk about this. I'm open to everyone's views on the subject and hope that over time we can take this discussion and inspire each other to make smarter decisions in life as a whole.

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