Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pre Workout: My Experience

Short post

An often looked over part of my exercise has always been the pre-workout meal. Waking up and getting to the gym, or running or whatever exercise I plan on doing, I tend to forget to eat. What I notice is that my body and mood doesn't want to be there. It's almost like I'm already talking myself out of my workout. My thinking is, "I don't have time to prepare anything so I'm just going to drink some water and go run." Horrible idea.

Now mind you, I'm no doctor or nutritionist, but this is what has worked for me:

My strongest workouts have come after consuming a handful of fruit, usually in smoothie form, about an hour before my workout. Very simple smoothie could consist of berries, banana and water with a little lemon. Trust me, it's good! Also, slamming a pint of lemon squeezed into water helps me hydrate and boost my energy level. If I have time, I'll make quinoa oatmeal with frozen blueberries to cool down the temperature of the quinoa oatmeal. I'll also eat a handful of almonds or cashews. A very tasty snack. I've noticed that sometimes, I'll eat to much, upsetting my stomach so I've been able to in a sense eyeball my smoothies and blend just enough to power me through whatever exercise I'm doing.

What I recommend people to do is DON'T neglect your pre-workout meal. Play around with easy to make meals, perhaps preparing them the night before if you're strapped for time. Take that extra few moments to eat your breakfast because you're not going to be happy working out on an empty stomach, trust me.

Here's a video from Vega that I found to be so helpful. Brendan Brazier has so many great tips. Give it a watch!

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