Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mind Control

You can so anything you put your mind to. If you want something, you have to be willing to fight for it. Battle your own mind and the desire to give up. It's a never ending battle with giving up out there on the trails, and when you get past that and accomplish something like a run or a triathlon, you come out a stronger, different person knowing you can overcome your own mind. Remember your mind will quit before you do. 

I'm starting to repeat myself, but I find it important to reassure you readers that you can do it, if you want to. You can do anything you want to do. And this can lead to bigger things out there in life. 

Monday, December 23, 2013


While training, you're constantly thinking about diet, training schedule, routine, sleep. You're thinking about the race or whatever it is you're training for. One thing overlooked that is extremely important to not only your training, but your life as a whole is the support from your loved ones. This sport, this life can be very lonely and so I find it just as important if not more important as your morning run, the food you put in your body, the amount of recovery time you give your body. I've found my support. And my support makes my journey so much bigger, so much easier knowing that there's someone out there who supports me in training, my journey of self improvement. A family that tri's together stays together. Thank you.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yes You Can

Remember this, your mind will quit before your body. The best most effective motivational tool you can ever have is saying to yourself "I can do this." This isn't just in the run, bike or swim, but anywhere in your life. This feeling of accomplishment, overcoming say a 10 mile run that you never once thought you could do will have you thinking "huh, I bet I could go further." Use that train of thought to overcome whatever life has to throw at you.  

My marathon pace has me at just under 3:10 which means I can qualify for the Boston marathon. To hold that medal would be such a big honor. But again, it's not about time or distance, it's about the experience and what you learn from said experience.  

This is what attracts me to the sport. It's a catalyst to bigger things in life.  

Monday, December 16, 2013


Purchasing the best equipment money can buy won't make you a better athlete. Your mind is the best tool there is. It'll either make you or break you. It'll push you to go harder or make you quit. Strengthening your mental edge will help you perform at such a higher level both out there running, biking or swimming and in life as a whole. So urge you to hold off on the newest Nike shoes and fancy GPS watch. Calm down on the compression pants and crazy expensive runners jacket. Focus on you. Find that power within, the power money can't buy.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Harness That Energy

Part of being human is that we all get sad or depressed. It's a monkey wrench in any training routine. Very quickly, you'll find yourself wanting to stay in bed, sleeping or playing video games, anything but doing the one thing you know very well could cleanse yourself of anything negative. Self improvement isn't an overnight fix nor will anyone do it for you. Only you can change you. The hardest part is taking that first step. Now I've written about this subject before and I'm sure I'll post about it again because I feel it's very important for people out there to know that you're not alone in this.

I was talking to my HTC(Hood To Coast) teammate, Mary, about this sort of thing recently over a cup of coffee. On the course or running or whatever it is you're doing, you are alone in your thoughts. No music, nothing. This allows you to think and sometimes dwell on anything and everything going on in your head at that given moment. Your mind will try and talk you out of whatever it is you're doing. This is where you can thrive and push through this barrier. Trust me, nothing feels better than overcoming said barrier and looking back at your achievement. It's such an amazing feeling. Fact is, your mind will quit before your body does.

Point to this post is that no matter what's going on in your life, keep in mind millions are going through similar if not worse situations. You have the power to overcome it, just know you're not alone. Harness that negativity and use it to your advantage. Constantly move forward, never looking back at what could have been. You can do this, trust me! That negativity is fuel to your goal of self improvement and should only make you TRI harder. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP!