Friday, February 21, 2014

Energy Bits: Powered By Bits

As an endurance athletes, it's important not only to focus on your training, but the fuel you put into your body. Often, we find ourselves going for a run, swim, bike or weight training when we have time, neglecting to consume anything substantial to fuel our bodies through our exercise and recovery. It's almost like we forget to eat or just think we don't have time. Either we need wake up earlier, give ourselves more time to cook and eat or find something to snack on during our workouts.

In comes ENERGYBits!

ENERGYbits are made from 100% non GMO spirulina algae. They boost your energy and endurance naturally. I have also noticed mental clarity which for me is huge as I have ADHD and it's hard to focus at times. I experience less muscle fatigue, muscle soreness both during my training and after (recovery). There are so many health benefits from ENERGYbits that I suggest you visit and read all the health benefits. Any questions, I'd be happy to answer the best I can. From my own experience, I have to say they are the best thing since sliced bread.

When you order your bits, use discount code "VEGANTRI" at the checkout.

See you all later!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shoe Review: Skora "Base"

GearUp is a glorious place. Sales on wonderful outdoor sports and leisurely activities. So when I saw Skora's "base" shoes on sale along with their whole line, I had to jump on the opportunity.

I've been reading about the "base" and it's zero drop sole for quite some time. Everyone that wore this shoe seemed to adore the pair.

Mail day!

At first glance, I thought that the construction would be a little weak. Felt like a light foam that would break apart once I slipped my foot in, but I was wrong. My foot, took some effort, slipped in just fine and felt nice and snug in the shoe. My first thought was, "man this doesn't even need the velcro strap." The shoes felt wonderful and light. I was used to wearing Asics Tri Noosa, which weren't helping my form, but we're extremely comfortable. I'll get into my form in another post. Anyways, the shoes weren't as heavy as the asics I was used to wearing, so that was a nice change.

After opening the box and wearing them around the house, I immediately wanted to forgo a scheduled nap and go running. Keep in mind I just had a session with my run coach, Cristin and wanted to practice some of the drills we went over.

Upon arrival to the Tempe Town Lake, I did my stretches before my run and felt the ground with my feet in the shoes. Now, in my head this is crucial. I love being able to feel the road, the trail or whatever terrain in running. I wouldn't go as far as saying I felt like I was barefoot or in vibram shoes, but I clearly felt gripped to the ground.

I just felt like running!

I started off running, focusing on my form. I was worried that going from my noosa to the zero drop that I was going to feel the impact like crazy, but I felt little to no impact. The soles felt durable and surprisingly cushioned. Where I run, there's a good combination of dirt trail and concrete paths, and if you go further, there's even asphalt. I was able to get the feeling of different terrains on my short 4 mile run. Wow, I love love love love these shoes.

The construction is what drew my attention to the "base." The Velcro strap made the shoe look like a bike shoe and my love for triathlon, I felt it would help in the transition area going from the bike to the run. Just slip them on and go.

Overall, I really enjoy these shoes. They fit like a glove, true to size. Myself, I have wide feet and they weren't a problem. I strongly urge everyone give Skora a go.

Vegan Mark