Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just Keep Fighting

My journey towards becoming an ironman has been a challenging one to say the least. Clouded at times with self doubt, situations that cause me to rethink my motives, outside influences and many other things. Life, it may seem, is trying to hold me back from my goals. Self empowerment through positive reinforcement and the "I can do this" attitude keeps me fighting.

As soon as I find myself taking the path towards a depressive state, I'm fighting to maintain focus on the big picture. Ask anyone that has gone through the transformation of becoming an ironman and they will tell you that 99% of it is mental. Point is, your mind will quit before your body.

Again, it's that constant struggle of maintaining focus and NOT giving up that is in my opinion the real training, the real task. Being able to overcome and conquer your own mind is really an empowering ability. Doing this and I believe we can accomplish anything. You know the saying, "you can do anything of you put your mind to it."

Vegan Mark