Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Run

It's common and actually a good tool to track your progress. In fact, I hope to score myself a Garmin in the near future. Those cost money. Next best thing is my phone but it's too bulky to fit in my hip pouch. So I've often left it behind as I don't like running with anything in my hands. This is probably the best thing ever because I've been able to focus on my run without worrying about tracking my run, posting the results to some form of social media or getting down on myself for having a slower time than before. I do strive for improvement, but I'm not out there to win any titles, I'm not the next big thing. The reason why I took up running was to find myself, a form of spiritual discovery. Entering races give you a goal or a final destination that forces you to take training seriously, but you don't need those big races to still "race." Why not create your own grassroots race you've come up with? So I've been able to enjoy the run, enjoy the training and yes I have entered my share of races, but the end results I'm looking for isn't the podium, it's mediation, spirituality, joy, the wind, nature, being outside and cheering the stranger struggling on during that hard stretch. I'm there to encourage my fellow athlete to achieve their goals. I'm out there running to show people a possible way to improve their overall life through the joy of running. You've read my posts and know I often talk about the sense of community within the running.... Community (sorry for the over use of the word). You'll get the uber competitive runner within those communities, but I have been fortunate and extremely lucky to have positive roll models and friends that I've met who have overcome adversity to get where they are and they're just out there running, helping people out, being kind to their fellow human. These are the people I surround myself with, the kind, huge hearts amazing friends that I've grown to love. They've taught me that triathlon and running is so much more than the race. I hope you'll find that community and sense of pure nirvana. It's what I love to do. Take that first step to a spiritual awakening, go for a run.