Friday, May 2, 2014


First off, events wouldn't be able to happen without the help of you volunteers out there. Whether it is body marking, helping number my bike, or working at an aid station, every single one of you volunteering is what makes the races safe and enjoyable. Also, thanks for the cheers, they really help us athletes smile when it's needed and to continue on.

My coach, Frank, has always said "stay with me and trust me," when it comes to training. Drills drills drills, and I've always believed him and always have so much trust and respect for his his way of coaching me. A few months ago, I'd struggle to swim even 5 minutes straight. With his directions and constant positive reinforcement, I'm becoming more and more confident with what I do. And I'm not just talking about swimming, biking or running, I'm talking about life in general. Now I'm getting off topic, but really, Frank has been a godsend to me and my life.

I attended an Iron Care Splash & Dash event, helping with body marking. My favorite part of the race is watching people swim from start to finish. I was paying close attention to the head of the 1500m swim. There were 2 athletes in particular that were serious learning tools to watch. Both had a completely different technique. One was fluent and graceful, relaxed with his approach, gliding through the water with ease. The athlete behind him was feverishly swimming trying to keep up and possibly drafting, but was aggressively swimming, almost looking as if he was struggling. I posted about it on the good ol FB and Frank replies "EXACTLY! Stay with me and I won't mislead you."

Watching this guy swim was a great experience and seeing first hand what my coach has been preaching this whole I was a firm believer before technique over strength, but my faith in technique just grew astronomically.