Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birthday Ultra

A year will have passed since my life was turned upside down. Instead of curling up in a ball and letting my life be consumed by whatever was going on at that given moment, I chose to rise above and use my experiences as motivation to improve myself, both as a person and as a father.

I've taken the idea of my birthday and changed the traditional celebration into something I feel is much greater. I'm using my birthday as cleansing tool to start fresh for the coming year. I will run my age in miles, ridding myself of the previous year and everything negative. The positive energy and learning experiences will be embraced and used to propel me through my 36 mile run.

Every year, I plan on adding another mile to go along with another year on this earth and more challenges. I don't want to shy away from life's challenges and I want to inspire others to do the same and face life's challenges with pride and determination, embracing a never say die attitude. If there's anything I've learned, it's that life can knock you down, kick you back, and you'll want to give up, but you must get back up and keep going. You'll come out stronger, improved, evolved.

My birthday ultra is a metaphor, a vehicle, a tool to help others on their journey. Please, come join me. The run will be done at Tempe Town Lake, starting at 5am from the Tempe Center For The Arts. The reason I chose the lake is because of the loops. I realize not everyone is going to want to run 36 miles with me, but anyone and everyone is encouraged to come run, jog, walk for however far you want. Plenty of spots to turn around and go to the start. I am using this experience to thank everyone for being there for me. I love you all.