Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Training Diary: 9/24/14

I want to talk about focus and commitment...

Committing to a long run, being out on the trails for hours on end, long stretches of road can be easy and yet it can be a daunting task. "I'm going out for a 30 miler." Come mile 20(ish) I find myself wishing I was at home, napping, showering or anything other than running. I'm finding the longer I'm out there, the harder and more lonely the run can be. Makes me wonder my level of commitment.

Now anyone who is into endurance sports, whether it is long distance running, triathlon or anything else where you're by yourself for hours and hours will understand how lonely it gets out there. You're only friend is that bird flying in front of you, the snake on the side of the mountain. Your mind is your enemy and wants you to focus on your bed, the nice shower or that comfy couch. The last thing your mind wants is to stay out there. Soon, you'll be talking to God.

What tricks are there to take your mind off being alone? Some people being music, and it's worked for me in the past, but I find it throws my rhythm off. How many people go out there to sort through their thoughts? That's what I try and do, but it doesn't always work out that way. I just want to be able to push through that mile 15 on like it was mile 5.

I'm learning more and more how personal running as a whole can be. Everyone has their own tricks or routines that fit their lifestyle. Developing your own routine takes practice, and requires lots of patience.

I'm still trying to find my place.