Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cheaper Than Therapy

Overwhelming depressed feelings can be curbed by simply going out and experiencing the outdoors, running, hiking, biking, walking. Problem is that leaving the safety of ones bed can be a daunting task. The times you don't want to leave your bed are the times you should be outside.

These past few weeks of battling whatever it is I've been dealing with, expressing the desire to stay in bed have been times I should have been forcing myself to go outside and play.

"Play" is a new word brought to my attention from Donna, describing what trail running really is to me. It's play time, time to go out and have fun. There are times I don't particularly enjoy the run, but after I feel cleansed, wanting more. Play is a great term and a perfect description of descending mountain, hopping from rock to rock, flying down with reckless abandon.

Next time I feel like wasting the day away, you'll find me out on the trail, running all day, enjoying what has been a godsend. It's cheaper than therapy.