Thursday, October 9, 2014

Soak It In

Every now and then, I find myself at the end of a trail, sitting. Before I head back to the trailhead, I like to soak it all in. Sometimes it's my way of absorbing everything I thought about during the run. Sometimes I just like to sit and listen to nature, becoming closer with life.

I think there's often a misconception of what you see or experience during a trail run. People often think that since you're running, you're not seeing things the same as if you were out there hiking, stopping to take pictures. You'd be surprised what is trail runners see and experience during our time running. Just like any other hiker or trail goer, we see things that become very personal to us, very intimate experiences with nature.

For instance, not to long ago, I came in contact with a rattlesnake. It wasn't bothered by me and I was not scared of it. There was almost a sense of respect by both of us. We bonded so to speak. Afterwards, we went our separate ways.

My point is, trail running is a place to meditate, be one with life. So much is going on in our personal/professional lives that we often forget to live. We get so caught up on social media and what's going on in the lives of others that we neglect our own. Trail running, for me at least, helps me reconnect with myself and provides a sanctuary from everything going on around me. So while I'm out there, exploring, I'm taking in everything and I'll sit and sort through everything I saw and experienced. To put it in some terms, I find answers.