Monday, October 13, 2014

Take To The Trails!!

Running on the black stuff people called asphalt or pavement, I become bored. Your run is so repetitive and normal. Runners often describe their morning runs out on a pathway or roadway as hell or "having to go for a run." Why would you do anything you don't want to do?

Now don't assume I believe running on the road is horrible, but compared to taking to the trails, I would rather experience the joy and connection to god, life and myself that I get from a meditative trail run over constant laps around Tempe Town Lake. Don't get me started on that.

Every run has a purpose and the repetitive nature of loops around a lake makes me bored and question my intentions and negative thoughts regarding running start to appear more. Basically, I allow my brain time to trick me into quitting more often.  A trail is constantly different, always changing. You have to have your wits about you, quick thinking to survive a descent down a hill. One misstep and you're toast. I don't know about other trails outside of Arizona, but the trails here are littered with jagged rocks and could spell trouble if you take a spill, especially if you're all alone.

I've talked about depression and the relation to running and what running means to me. Now, I'm just learning about how the brain works in terms of creating both happiness and sadness so bare with me here.

A long stretch of road is routine, and safe. This is where sadness breeds. A trail is constantly changing, new and can breed happy thoughts. That's why you can often hear me laughing or giggling during a run as scrambling down a mountain feels like jumping on a trampoline and I revert to my childhood memories. It's play, it's fun, it's exciting.

I'm able to connect on the trail to both god and myself. I challenge myself every time I'm on the trail. Running a road, it's just challenging to enjoy myself.

I don't ever want running to be a chore I HAVE to do. I want it to be something I enjoy, something I look forward to. Maybe that's why entering races isn't a top priority to me. Anyways, I love to run.

Sorry for the choppy post, my brain works on mysterious ways.