Tuesday, December 9, 2014


"Getting lost is finding yourself"---Me.

Today I went out for a run, training for a 52k(although my buddy Carl is talking me into changing that to a 52miler) and experimenting with nutrition. I measured water into my Ultimate Direction bottle and added 4 dates. I blended the mixture and went out on a run. It was a little to sweet, but the calorie content was spot on and I felt this would be a better choice than coca cola that they have at aids stations during races. My point is trying to find sustainable sources of nutrition that will give me adequate calorie content and sugar for long lasting energy during ultras. I'm training hard and finding natural ways to do this without the use of powders or other processed supplements. I will carry salt tabs for safety, but again, I truly believe it's possible to endure through proper food consumption. I carry in my pack, apple sauce, water and my date-r-ade. I'm going to try adding lemon juice to the mixture and have a recovery drink for post runs. Honestly, I've never felt stronger or more confident than I do now.