Monday, December 29, 2014

I Felt Like Running

Geoff Roes in UNBREAKABLE says something that I couldn't agree more with. When it comes to "training" I'd much rather go out and run and enjoy it rather than have a structured schedule. I've always said that I'll take breaks or stop once running feels like a job or a chore that I have to do. Running is way to important to me in many ways. And to treat it like a job would just ruin everything I've worked towards. That's not to say there's no structure at all to my training schedule. I'll still go to the gym and get thrown through a strength and conditioning routine every Tuesday. I'll still have my long days and short days. There will still be my days where I get my body stretched. But my focus has and never will be on "ok i have to run this many miles at this tempo for this long." I would rather just go out and run and enjoy every minute of it. Putting limits and stuff on my "training" just kills the vibe for me. Does that make sense?