Sunday, February 8, 2015

Clearing Ahead

It's been a while since I've posted anything substantial. Funny because I've had a lot on my mind. However, the trails have helped me sort out everything. Well for the most part.

Imagine a bucket. And inside that bucket is a lot of firecrackers. You light the fuse and close the lid tight. That's my brain, my thought process and there really isn't an easy way to sort through everything so I take to the trails and run it all out. 

I've made an the comparison between running and a relationship. Running is the best most perfect relationship someone can ever have. It'll always be there, it will be extremely honest and humbling. If you don't respect the run, it'll bite back hard and make you pay for it. But it'll do it out of love and will always love you. Running gives you confidence, will never lie and will always give back what you put into it. 

I think my relationship with running is whyi have a hard time sticking to any type of training plan and don't understand why people have to do certain distances through the week or times runs. Seems like a job to me. I want to run until my heart is content. So if that means 3miles, then I'm running 3. If that means 30miles, then I'm running 30. Point is, I want to always love running and I don't want to complain about ever having to do it. I want to smile when I'm done not complain about how tired I am. Yeah, it hurts at times but so does any relationship right? 

Racing. I've signed up for and completed several ultras in the recent past and have many more ahead of me. I don't do them for the hardware or the sense of accomplishment, I do them because I get to spend that time out on the trail with people and bond with them. A lot of us have the same passion and it's nice to be able to unite with others. We are encouraging and motivational towards one another. I normally run alone during the week so running an ultra on the weekend is my way to socialize to a point and be around others like me. 

Anyways, excuse the poorly written post. A lot is on my mind. Take care everyone