Friday, April 10, 2015

Even in Pain

Reflecting while sipping a delicious protein based espresso drink from a local all natural restaurant...

If I've posted about this, please let me know. I have a horrible memory and I'm to lazy to go through my posts to read them. Though I should.  I recently was fortunate enough to embark on an epic 25 mile portion of the Zanegrey 50 course up in Pine, AZ with a crew of people. And on this adventure, our band of runners became family as we bonded, shared experiences with one another. There's something to be said about sharing the trails with like yourself, love the experience of the trails and being out in nature. Not only are we all experience the same physical trail, but we are also all  going through different spiritual situations that we deal with in our way. 

Here's where I get into the bulk of my story. 

First off, I was not prepared for the higher altitude. Sure, the first 12 miles were doable, but those constant elevation changes started to take its toll on my endurance and eventually, my lungs couldn't keep up. But through the pain, I learned something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about and I believe will help me in reaching the next level of my ever evolving life. Running/walking with Tim, he says "it won't last long." There other words that were traded helping me through the dark times, but "it won't last long" stuck out. 

Completing an ultra takes tenacity and a never say die attitude because truth be told, you're battling your mind a good chunk of the way. Now I know what you're thinking, it won't last long likely pertains to the bad moment I was having, but it also has to do with the good times. See, I'm very green at this ultra running so being able to run with people like Tim, Brett, Angela, and Kristina, I was able to observe and learn from these crafty vets who've been through the really tough times and are able to share their experiences with me. Tim explained his experience like you'll fee great for a good portion but that won't last and then you'll feel horrible and that won't last long either. I forgot one key factor in what has helped me in the past, and this is what he was trying to convey. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Though I was not in the happiest of places physically, I was in such an awesome spot. I learned so much from that experience. I'm the type of person that never takes a situation for granted. I want to learn from any given opportunity and take in as much as I can from those that have been there before. And I did, and in fortunate to have gone through that with those wonderful people who I love dearly. 

It's amazing the amount of support that I've experienced within the endurance community. When I've been down, the wonderful friends and family members have helped give me the power to overcome. They've lifted me up when I needed it. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life for helping me become the best version of me possible.