Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Storm Is Coming

Sleep? What is that?! I seriously have a hard time trying to remember the last time I had solid sleep. The lack of sleep I believe angers my thought process and has me focusing on everything I don't have. 

Re-reading posts from the past, I remember how important blogging was/is to help not only my memory, but my ADHD as well. It gets all of my thoughts out into a format that I can read and look over. It's a lot better than the alternative which is going back on my medication to combat my ever scattered brain. Funny thing is though, running helps big time, but the lack of sleep has me making up excuses why I don't or shouldn't run. It's sad. 

Here I sit, drinking liquid courage(coffee), trying to motivate myself to get off of my ass and go for a long run. Hopefully it helps. But I still sit, staring at this screen trying to move.... It's a vicious cycle.