Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Coach Frank has always taught me that through training, we will experience mountains and valleys. The longer you spend in the valley, the harder it is to get out. With so much on my mind lately and the holiday season at work being challenging, I've had a hard time focusing on what actually benefits my well being. Running is a priority in my life because it benefits my health. Ones health is important because I feel we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else. The issue isn't that I don't want to run, the issue is I've spent way too much time in this valley and I'm struggling to pull myself out. There are some extremely life changing variables that are weighing heavily on my mind, and running, I truly believe, would help ease any doubt or something. And yes, I'm making excuses, I can see that. Rest. Working until midnight and then having your sleep patterns change almost daily, I really want sleep. Here's the thing, I've come a long way in whatever inner turmoil I've struggled with and I feel wonderful. The time with my kids has been spent creating memories and I feel as if my "dad" status has improved greatly. I feel like I've become an even better dad now than I was say a few months ago. I just need a solid nights sleep. So I feel selfish when I think "maybe I'll take a day off without the little ones." It's a struggle in sure many people endure. So here I am, typing out this post and I have learned time and time again that if you want something bad enough, you make it happen and go after it. These past few months, I've neglected committing myself to the run. Here I am, making a promise to myself that I'm not giving up.  I'm recommitting myself to running. I've been down, but never out. I'm nowhere near my potential.