Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Eat Plants

It took Scott Jurek 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes to travel the length of the Appalachian trail which is 2189 miles! Most people would never even fathom doing that trail in on solid go in the amount of time he did and most people didn't think he'd be able to do so with a diet consisting of plants. Someone even was quoted in saying that he would need some real food. Since when was a banana not considered real food? Think about that for a second because it's not uncommon for people who consume the standard american diet to look at unprocessed, raw vegetables as faux food.

My thought process on the matter is people argue what they are afraid or unsure of. They feed into what the media and government tells them they should eat and go with it. Most of the time, they pick on people who live a plant based diet proclaiming "you need more protein." It appears that people automatically become a self proclaimed expert on the subject of nutrition without fully understanding what they're talking about, belittling compassionate living in the process. For as long as I've lived even a vegetarian lifestyle, I've heard every joke, wise crack known to man, rehashed in so many ways, that when someone starts talking to me after learning how I choose to eat, I have almost a 6th sense and know what they're going to say. Sure it gets old, but I pick my battles and roll with the punches so to speak.

In the not to distant past, I embarked on a life changing journey, not just for my own physical life, but someone else's. A short version of the story is, I'm donating or in the process of donating my kidney to someone. The reason I bring that up is, that I'm learning more about myself, physically, than I would have ever imagined. My labs (my blood is being drawn with each visit) come back almost laughable in that they're so "perfect." My cholesterol is beyond low, and I wish I knew what the rest of the numbers meant. Going back to the process of donating my kidney. Part of my many many many appointments was to meet with a Mayo Clinic Nutritionist. She looked at my labs and laughed saying, "You're easy," in regards to my test results. Apparently it's more common for them to have to coach someone on ways to eat properly stating "you need to eat more vegetables and fruit, grains and nuts." Well, that's the basis of my diet. She asked what I eat on a daily basis. "Yesterday I had 4 bananas with chia seeds, and a bag of frozen fruit, blended in a smoothie with water. Lunch, I had half a watermelon. Dinner we had BBQ bean burritos with grilled peach salsa and avocado." I also added in how much water I consumed. She said, "well that's why your blood work is so good." By eating unprocessed foods, I believe and I have the backing from a doctor, that is the direct cause of having healthy kidneys, organs, blood, body and mind. My body doesn't have to fight to break down highly processed "foods."

Now, I'm not perfect, but I do my best to maintain a healthy body. I see sick people every day, complaining about their weight, their health and so on. I look at their food and shake my head. It's like a pack of cigarettes with a warning label on the side of the pack stating how horrible they are for you. What if you could eat food that cures you of ailments? What if food was your medicine? What would a world be without the need of medicines that "are poison to us, but we use for their side affects?" Seriously, the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical corporations would have a shit fit. There are so many signs pointing fingers at them stating how they're hiring lobbyist to cover up any true facts regarding healthy living. Pharmaceutical businesses want us to be sick, if we weren't they'd be up shit creek. It's truly frustrating to me how sick our country is and yet the solution is so simple. Eat clean(er) and life will get much more enjoyable and healthy.

Why people choose to eat like garbage is either they don't know any better and are poorly educated on health and nutrition or they just frankly don't care and or don't want to know what's going into their body. People tend to enjoy being plugged into the matrix. Why would someone eat something they can't pronounce?! Raw food eliminates having to read the labels because lettuce is just lettuce, tomatoes are just tomatoes, watermelon is just watermelon. You get the picture and I hope you can understand my frustration here. Again, I'm not holier than thou, and I am not the cleanest or healthiest person in the world. I'm not the poster child for healthy living, but I truly believe a healthy diet coupled with consistent exercise could possibly lead to a peaceful mind and body.

Please, for the love of god, educate yourself on what you're putting in your body before you are pushing up daisies. When I have doctors telling me they wished more people had labs similar to mine, it leads me to believe more people should wake up and eat with a piece of mind. Educate yourself! Eat like you give a fuck!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Training" Diary: 6/9/2016

Workout Summary:

5 minute sprints

12 flutter kicks with medicine ball

5 pull-ups

12 box jumps

12 medicine ball slams

12 kettle bell swings

Repeat 3x

5 minute cool down run, easy pace

I'm a firm believer in allowing life to happen organically. Life will present itself for those willing to let go and stop trying to force everything. By the way, my ADHD has been terrible as of late so bare with me here as I just start typing nonsense. Speaking of typing nonsense, I was coached by a close friend of mine, years ago, on how to write. There was a moment that my "writer's block" was intense and I couldn't get anything out of my head that I felt was worth posting. That's when I was told to "just start typing and words will follow." Let me tell you, that's very true!

See, I have a lot on my mind as of late with huge life changing events on the horizon. However, all this "stuff" on my mind is seriously starting to build up. About the only time I feel I'm able to expel any of these thoughts and clear up some room for more is when I'm running, or "training" at the gym.

I miss working out with coach Frank. Especially when we were doing strength and conditioning. He would put us through these grueling vomit inducing workouts that would make the toughest person whimper. Frank was so focused on strengthening not only our bodies, but our minds so that when we faced adversity during a race we would be able to pull through and find that extra gear. Here's the thing, these sessions weren't only race related. What we went through made us stronger in every day life as well. That's one of the many things I love about Frank. He encouraged us to push and to push and to push, but he truly made us better people. He's such a giving person and he has inspired me to be the best possible version of me that I could ever be. I'm confident I will be the best husband I could ever be, the best dad my kids would ever want and need, the best man, the best friend, the best person as a whole. It's not just Frank being himself, but giving us confidence in who we are.

You've heard me many times over talk about quitting. Yes, I've been there more times than I'd like to admit. I think it's because I haven't really committed myself to where I am headed or because I was taking the journey seriously. Not sure really, but quitting is always an option and a very real option at that. Those who say, "quitting is not an option," don't understand or are trying to trick people into thinking that they have to continue no matter what. Ok, running can be painful, me out on this, if you're able to reach past that barrier and then feel like quitting only to reach even further, trust me when I say this, you'll finish your run and look back at what you did. Now I'm not the best at articulating my thoughts as I've said before, but I find the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best "highs" one could ever be on. Doing something you never thought you'd be able to do makes you feel as if you could do anything. I don't know how else to explain it, but it's such a wonderful feeling.

Look, I don't have the miracle cure all answer to life, but I do know that running has the potential to help you enjoy what life has to offer.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donate Life

"My true compassion is for all living things and not just the ones who are cute so I do what I can. I wanna save lives and I've got a plan." Gorilla Biscuits

Figuring out what you've been put on this earth to do can take a life time. When it hits you, it's as if the clouds have been lifted and you're seeing the sky as clear as can be for the first time. There's no telling when or where you figure out God's plan for you, but you must have blind faith that you're on the right path.

Talking with Bonnie today, I mentioned that I felt as if I was TOO compassionate, that I cared TOO much. The truth is, I often do put others before myself. My argument with myself when I realize I need to take care of myself before I'm able to look after anyone else is that seeing anyone, man or beast, suffer destroys me from the inside out. I feel horrible knowing someone hurts or is sad. Nothing brings me more joy than helping in any way I can. I've written about something as simple as smiling at someone can brighten their day so when I was approached to donate an organ to someone, I didn't have to think twice, YES!

Now there are a lot of hoops we together must jump through(tests, insurance companies, planning and so on) before we are able to set forth a date and harvest this kidney out of me. Wow, I'm in the process of being a living donor. That's intense really, and sure there's some lingering fear of the unknown, but still, I would do anything anything anything to help out family, friends and so on. So far, my blood is compatible and I hope that me taking care of my body aids in this process and making me a suitable candidate.

I knew a while back what my purpose was/is in life. Go back through my posts, I've written about it. There have been many things in life that I was/am good at, but I've never been great at any one thing. Running gives me purpose and is my chance at greatness. Through running, I feel that there's possibilities to help those in need. I feel this is my path, this is what I am meant to do. I just know it, not sure how to explain it, I just do. The journey is far from over, but I have faith I'm on the right path.