Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donate Life

"My true compassion is for all living things and not just the ones who are cute so I do what I can. I wanna save lives and I've got a plan." Gorilla Biscuits

Figuring out what you've been put on this earth to do can take a life time. When it hits you, it's as if the clouds have been lifted and you're seeing the sky as clear as can be for the first time. There's no telling when or where you figure out God's plan for you, but you must have blind faith that you're on the right path.

Talking with Bonnie today, I mentioned that I felt as if I was TOO compassionate, that I cared TOO much. The truth is, I often do put others before myself. My argument with myself when I realize I need to take care of myself before I'm able to look after anyone else is that seeing anyone, man or beast, suffer destroys me from the inside out. I feel horrible knowing someone hurts or is sad. Nothing brings me more joy than helping in any way I can. I've written about something as simple as smiling at someone can brighten their day so when I was approached to donate an organ to someone, I didn't have to think twice, YES!

Now there are a lot of hoops we together must jump through(tests, insurance companies, planning and so on) before we are able to set forth a date and harvest this kidney out of me. Wow, I'm in the process of being a living donor. That's intense really, and sure there's some lingering fear of the unknown, but still, I would do anything anything anything to help out family, friends and so on. So far, my blood is compatible and I hope that me taking care of my body aids in this process and making me a suitable candidate.

I knew a while back what my purpose was/is in life. Go back through my posts, I've written about it. There have been many things in life that I was/am good at, but I've never been great at any one thing. Running gives me purpose and is my chance at greatness. Through running, I feel that there's possibilities to help those in need. I feel this is my path, this is what I am meant to do. I just know it, not sure how to explain it, I just do. The journey is far from over, but I have faith I'm on the right path.