Friday, April 28, 2017

For Me

I'm never able to control what I think about while running. Often times, my mind is blank, thinking about nothing and everything all at once. And times, I'm not able to shake a certain subject that just sneaks its way into my train of thought. When this happens, I fall into a groove that allows me to focus(I have no choice) and dwell on said thought. Over the course of the run, I think deeply and learn why it is I'm forced to think so deeply. Here's one of those thoughts.....

Why am I doing this?

Testimonials from runners across the globe will say, "I'm doing this for the kids, my family, my friends." I'm not so sure I share the same view of a sport/activity that requires you to spend hours and hours away from said people. In all reality, it's a very selfish thing to do.

I'm doing this for me. Being a better father, husband, friend are all things that encompass my need to run far and long. My desire to be the best person I can be is what drives me, I do this for me no one else. People in my life are extremely important and it would hurt me to know I've let them down. No, I'm not going out on the trail for hours to get away from my chosen life. No, I'm not going to risk life and limb flying down the mountain just for anyone other than me. I do it because it helps me be a stronger, better person than I was before.

I don't expect everyone to understand, but running is me, it's for me. It's my church, my religion, my chance at greatness.

End rant....